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Achievements 2014, 2015 - 2016

GLADIATOR at Xpressions 16

M.C. Arvind Babu of 33rd Batch has won second prize in the contest GLADIATOR at Xpressions 16, conducted by Xavier Institute of Management(XIM), Bhubaneshwar. It is an simulation case study event on all domains of MBA namely Finance, Marketing, Operations, systems and HR. It involved three rounds totally shortlisting only 8 people to the campus round.


Marketing Competition

Shanmathi,Gopika and Nivedithaa V of PGP 2 won first prize in Buzzar- Samanvay(Marketing event ) conducted by IIT -M(DOMS) on 16th October 2016.

Mayur Tandon,Vijayaraghavan .V and Vidhya M of PGP 2 won 2nd prize in Buzzar- Samanvay(Marketing event ) conducted by IIT -M(DOMS) on 16th October 2016.

Mary Julia and Mohammed Fazil of PGP 2 won marketing competition conducted by Giftistree.

On Your Mark

The team 'On Your Mark' comprising of Shanmati S, Ramkumar J.R, Pracheta and Dhivakar K of PGP-2 won the second place in a national level sales and marketing competition conducted by Knappily Media Private Limited.The event comprised of 3 rounds where marketing fundamentals were tested along with practical exposure of making a sales pitch in the college campus and a year long marketing plan to enhance it further.


Zetetica, the HR club of BIM, conducted an article writing competition - Pen It - in the HR domain. The enthused students chose to write on diverse topics such as Agile HR, Talent Mobility, Industrial Harmony and so on. The following articles won the first and the second places respectively:

 2. Agile HR by Gopika.S


We congratulate Karthik C and Sreehari R of PGP I for winning the event AD HONOREM, a valuation based case study competition conducted by the Finance Society of FMS, Delhi. Kudos to the team!


BIM wins Trichy round of ET in Campus Quiz

Bharathidasan Institute of Management (BIM) emerged winners in the ET in Campus (ETiC) Quiz held in Trichy in a contest that saw a f keen fight among six competing teams. » read more...


Abhiyaan 1.0 Final Results



One more feather got added to the cap of BIM ,Trichy as students  from the college have won first prize in YUTRY 2016 , Startup competition conducted as a part of YUTRY- NATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ENTREPREUNERSHIP – SHARPEN YOUR SAW hosted  by CII - young Indian on 22 & 23rd January 2016 at hotel Sangam,Trichy. The winning team “Animal Spirits” consisted of  Thirumurugan, Shivaranjan, Hari Prasanth, Prasanth of PGP1 batch.

The main objective of the conference is to ignite entrepreneurial spark in young minds. It is a platform to Assemble new knowledge and insights, learning new concepts, widening new and existing contacts as well as having good time. Mr Velumani CEOI of Thyrocare was the chief guest for the event and was accompanied by various other successful personalities as speakers including Mr.Bharath K.S (Chairman, Aparajitha Group),Mr.Swaminathan K(Founder & CEO, Aspire Group), Mr.Sujith Kumar(Head-HR ,Infosys Mahindra city), Mr.GowriShankar(Director, Malaysia Blue Ocvean Strategy Institute, Kuala Lumpur)

Ashif.A & Mohamed Fazil of Batch 32 achieved the Runner Up position in "YUKTI" during ACTURUS 4.0 an annual business festival of IIM Trichy


  • Thirumurugan P, Sivaranjan M, Hari Prasanth Y & Prasanth A of PGP I​ grabbed the second prize in "Backwaters'15" B Plan contest conducted by IIM Kozhikode​.
  • Nitya Devi of PGPII have won first place in “HR Whiz” contest conducted by TCS
  • Sowmya and Bhavana of  batch 32 have won 1st place in “Product Innovation and Sales pitch” conducted by IIM Udaipur.
  • Sahana G of PGP II, Praveen S & Nissanka P of PGP I, have won the Second Place in "Prakalp" - IT strategy contest conducted by SJMSOM, IIT-Mumbai.
  • Vignesh G & Vignesh KB of PGP II have won the Second Place in "Avenues " - Analytics Event conducted by SJMSOM, IIT-Mumbai.
  • Mahmood Sulthan, Prethive & Pradheep Kumar M of PGP II have won the Second Place in "IPL Strategy formulation" conducted by SJMSOM, IIT-Mumbai.
  • Karthik MSS and Giridhar S of batch 31 have won 2nd place in  "M&A Case solving" contest conducted by MDI GurgaonBharathidasan and Surendhar of PGP2 secured second prize in 'Vitt Neeti' conducted by IIFT during 4-6 september.
  • Archana S and Saumya Singh secured first prize in 'Truly Madly' which was conducted from 8 july to 9 aug, 2015  
  • Praveen salim and Aravinth.S of PGP 2 won third prize in "Samriddhi"- Live marketing case study competition held at GIM ,Goa on 19 Sep 2015. 
  • Shanmughaprabhu D , Vignesh K.B and Vignesh S of PGP 2 came first i n " KRUNCH"- Analytics Quiz Conducted by IIT-M on 29 Sep 2015. 
  • Vasudev ,Rathana Sabapathy and Ragothaman won second prize in 'FinSpin' conducted by IMT ,Ghaziabad on 17 October,2015  
  • P.R.Sriram and D .Shanmugha Prabhu won first prize in "Hriith" conducted by  IIT-Madras on 25 oct 2015.
  • BIM  family congratulates  Bhavani Sridharan  and  Thanish Mohammed J   of PGP-2,   who  have  won  the  first  place  in  the  14th  annual MMA  Student Convention - Paper Presentation contest. The title of the paper was 'Winning Strategies of Strong Brands'.

'Vitt Neeti', a finance contest conducted by IIFT

Bharathidasan and Surendhar of PGP2 secured second prize in 'Vitt Neeti', a finance contest conducted by IIFT. The event was held in 3 parts. The first round was an online quiz. Fifty teams were selected to round two, where the teams were tested on their stock trading prowess on ICICI Direct Virtual Stock Trading platform over a span of week. Five teams moved to the final round, where our students presented a case analysis to the judges. Kudos to the team.


Spring 2015 Capstone Business Simulation International Challenge

BIM Student Team among Winners of the Spring 2015 Capstone Business Simulation International Challenge. Ms. Sahana Priyadharshine Danasekaran, Mr.Venkat Parthasarathy, & Mr. Manoj Paulraj of Bharathidasan Institute of Management (BIM) are among the Winners of the Spring 2015 Capstone Business Simulation International Challenge. Hearty congratulations to the team.

BIM Students Tops in 'Mark-E-Diction' at IIT Delhi

Students of BIM, Ms. Archana S, Ms. V P Lakshmi and Ms. Singh Saumya Saurabh secured First place in 'Mark-E-Diction' organised by DMS, IIT Delhi. The event involved contests like Quiz, Making a Poster and getting Facebook likes + Case analysis and Case presentation + Q&A session and was held on 22 Feb 2015.

(PGP 2) Thiyagarajan ST ,Jayashree Santhanam - secured 2nd place at Arcturus IIM, Trichy.

  1. (PGP 2) Manoj Pauraj, Anitha Palaisamy , Vivek Muralidharan , Dharanija Rajendran - Secured 1st position in B-Plan competition at IIT madras.
  2. (PGP 1) Sriram P R - Secured 2nd photography contest at Avartan Nitie,Mumbai.
  3. (PGP 2)- Premnath V and Venkat P secured 1st place at Ashwamedh IIT,Mumbai.
  4. (PGP-1) - Thanish M and Praveen Salim secured 1st place at Zest-athon at SCMHRD, Pune.Zest-athon is a Case Study competition where participants were given a Tata Motors case study and asked to prepare a marketing plan for Tata Motors' new car "ZEST".

    Students from various B-Schools participated of which 6 teams were shortlisted for the final round which included students from IIT-Bombay ,  KJ Somaiya Institute of Management , SCMHRD and SIBM - Pune to name a few.

    Their plan has been sent to Tata Motors and they me asked to make a presentation to the Company.
  5. (PGP-1) - A  research paper on  "School Dropouts and Societal Adjustment" by Vikraman and Nithya Devi of PGP1  has been accepted by Madras School of Social Work for an UGC sponsored Seminar on "Adolescent Health." It has been a great initiative from their side.
  6. (PGP 1) – Vignesh S and Dinesh M secured 1st place at Parishram conducted by CSR club of IIT Kharagpur.
  7. (PGP 1) Sriram P R - Secured First Prize in Imperium (Photography contest) conducted by MDI Gurgaon.

Many students from PGP-1 were shortlisted as finalists at prominent B-schools like IIM-B, NITIE Mumbai, IIT Madras, IMT Ghaziabad, IIM kozhikode, IIM Trichy and IIT Mumbai. 

'PARISHRAM' conducted by IIT Kharagpur

PGP I students Vignesh S and Dinesh M secured first place in the event called 'PARISHRAM' conducted by IIT Kharagpur. The event is aimed at involving the students from various parts of the country to provide original and practical solutions to the issues faced by NGOs and Rural Development issues.

"AH-CON"(Adolescent Health Conference) was conducted by Madras School of School Work, Chennai on January 23rd and 24th. The aim of the conference was to create a platform to the academicians, researchers and students to share the information on Adolescent Health and to identify the emerging issues in Adolescent Health and share information on innovative interventions that makes a difference.The conference had inputs from eminent scholars and experts doing research in the field of health with a focus on Health Care Systems like Adolescent Health, Adolescent Mental Health, Macro Issues in Adolescent Health Policies and Services, Adolescent Health Intervention by Government, NGOs and Corporate, Inequalities in Health Access, Globalization and Health, Privatization of Health. We (Nithya Devi G A, Vikraman P) presented and published a paper titled "Emotional and behavioural disorder in school dropouts . The paper highlights a pattern of low peer and parent attachment score than graduated youth ,suggesting that both peer and parent attachment plays an influential role in Emotional Disorders.

Avenues- Ashwamedh- The Strategy event of SJMSOM, IIT Bombay

It was a two day event with 4 rounds  that truly tested one's strategic mettle. It culminated in providing a solution to a real world problem faced in the industry by NTPC.

Achievements 2013-14

S No. Name Event Position Month/Year College
1 Abirami A Case Study, Strategic Management First Oct-13 IIM, Kozhikode
Paper Presentation on "Financial Inclusion" Second Aug-13 Goa Institute of Management
Featured Article on "Financial Inclusion" Second Mar-13 NMIMS, Mumbai
2 Akankshya Agarwal Dance Competition First Feb-14 IIM,Trichy
3 Andrew Paul Case Study, Operations Second Feb-13 IIM,Trichy
4 Baskar S Marketing Event First Feb-14 IIM,Trichy
5 Bharathi Swetha M Case Study, IT First Feb-13 IIM,Trichy
Featured Article on "Financial Inclusion" Second Mar-13 NMIMS, Mumbai
6 Chandramouli G Case Study, IT First Feb-13 IIM,Trichy
Paper Presentation on "Financial Inclusion" Second Aug-13 Goa Institute of Management
7 Dhanabal S Case Study, HR First Feb-14 IIM,Trichy
8 Faridh Khan Case Study, HR First Feb-14 IIM,Trichy
9 Harika V Marketing Event Second Feb-14 IIM,Trichy
10 Harini Audisekar Poster Design Contest First Nov-13 VGSOM, IIT-Kharagpur
NDTV coca cola support my School Poster Design Contest Second Nov-13 IIT kharagpur
11 Ishitha Sinha Dance Competition First Feb-14 IIM,Trichy
12 Jyotsna V Case Study, IT First Feb-13 IIM,Trichy
Featured Article on "Trends in the Beveraging Industry" First Nov-13 IIM, Shillong (Marketing Magazine)
13 Karthick L Business Plan First Feb-13 IIM Raipur
Business Plan Second Feb-14 Great Lakes Institute of Management
Business Plan First Feb-14 Amrita School of Business
14 Lakshmi R Dance Competition First Feb-14 IIM,Trichy
15 Mohan Kumar R.R. Featured Article on "Corporate Governance" N/A Oct-13 Business Standard
16 Netrah L Case Study, Strategic Management First Oct-13 IIM, Kozhikode
Digital Media Marketing Event Second May-13 The Brand Salon Training Institute, Mumbai
NDTV coca cola support my School Poster Design Contest Second Nov-13 IIT kharagpur
Poster Design Contest First Nov-13 VGSOM, IIT-Kharagpur
17 Niteesha Reddy B. Featured Article on "Yahoo’s new logo: 
Technical glitch or Matching the brand identity?"
First Dec-13 IIM, Shillong (Marketing Magazine)
18 Pavan Kumar R  Case Study, Strategic Management First Nov-13 SJMSOM IIT - Bombay
Case Study, HR  First Feb-13 IIM,Trichy
Business Plan First Feb-14 IFMR, Chennai
Case Study, HR First Feb-14 IFMR, Chennai
Featured Article on "Responsible Advertising" First Jul-13 IIM, Shillong (Marketing Magazine)
19 Piyushree Nagrale Business Plan First Feb-13 IIM Raipur
Featured Article on "Social Media Marketing" Second Nov-13 SociolProma
Business Plan Second Feb-14 Great Lakes Institute of Management
Business Plan First Feb-14 Amrita School of Business
20 Pranesh R Featured Article  on "Banking Licence to NBFCs" First Nov-13 SCMHRD
21 Prakash P Case Study, Operations  Second Feb-14 IIM Trichy
22 Raajvarman N Case Study, Strategic Management First Oct-13 IIM, Kozhikode
23 Ria Ghosh Dance Competition First Feb-14 IIM,Trichy
24 Shivam Gupta Marketing Event First Feb-14 IIM,Trichy
25 SivarajKumar NY Business Plan First Feb-13 IIM Raipur
Business Plan Second Feb-14 Great Lakes Institute of Management
Business Plan First Feb-14 Amrita School of Business
26 Sudharshan Marketing Event Second Feb-14 IIM,Trichy
27 Sunwinder Pal Singh Featured Article on "Effectiveness of Education System" N/A Feb-13 Business Line
28 Swati Marketing Event Second Feb-14 IIM,Trichy
29 Tanvi Marketing Event First Feb-14 IIM,Trichy
30 Teja Kasu Dance Competition First Feb-14 IIM,Trichy
31 Utthraa M Case Study, Strategic Management First Oct-13 SJMSOM IIT - Bombay
Case Study, HR First Feb-13 IIM,Trichy
Business Plan First Feb-14 IFMR, Chennai
Case Study, HR First Feb-14 IFMR, Chennai
Featured Article on "Responsible Advertising" First Jul-13 IIM, Shillong (Marketing Magazine)


Achievements 2012-13

  1. BIM students won first place at IIM Trichy's CrackIT – Systems & Technology Case Analysis competition. They have competed with 78 entries from B-Schools across the country and won a cash prize of Rs 25,000/- and gift vouchers worth Rs.4000/-.  The team comprises Ms.  V.Jyotsna, Ms. Bharathi Swetha and Mr. G. Chandramouli, standing to the left of Chief Guest (in the order of Left - Right in the picture)
  2. Arnab Paul of PGP 1 (BIM Trichy) won the financial competition 'Infinity' at Atharva, TAPMI's Annual International B-School Fest !!!
  3. Karthick L and Sivarajkumar N Y of PGP-1 bagged first place in the B-Plan competition conducted by IIT Bombay in their event 'Navonmesh'.
  4. Jyotsna finalist in The All India GenNext Leader Discovery Contest 2012 that had over 27,000 participants from across the country.  This was conducted by Ramakrishna Mission as a part of their Awakening India Initiative.
  5. Karthik L and Sivaraj Kumar of PGP 1 won the first prize in B-Plan competition at IIM Raipur's Equinox.
  6. Netrah L of PGP-I stood second in Murugappa Young Professionals Launch Contest conducted by Murugappa group.
  7. Madhuja Mukherjee, Utsav Banerjee and Ashish Sharma of PGP-II emerged as the finalists of Gordian Knot 2012,IIM Indore.
  8. Sreenivasan R, Sreejesh N and Dinesh Chinnasamy of PGP-II were the finalist in Pan India Business Plan competition in IIITM, Gwalior and Banaras Hindu University (BHU) and VJTI, Mumbai.
  9. Meha Anand & Shiva Adithya of PGP-II were the finalists in Tapmi B-School for a CSR based b-plan compettion called "Sahayog" which was a CSR based competition.
  10. Sujoy Biswas of PGP-II emerged as the Winner in Udbhav, B-Plan event of Goa Institute of Management; Runners up in Finance League of Ahvan 2011 in IIM Indore; Finalists in Equinox, equity research event, in Prerana 2012 in NITIE, Mumbai.
  11. Gopinath Ganesan of BIM 28 batch won national level competition and got selected as the Nissan Brand Manager 2012.

Achievements 2011-12

  1. G Anand Babu and Vignesh M of PGP2 won the Trichy edition of Tata Crucible Quiz with a cash prize of Rs 75000 and qualifying to the National level quiz. They represented in the National Finals conducted in Mumbai on April 8th 2012.
  2. Mohammed Gani of BIM 28 won the article writing competition on the March edition of "Reyansh", e-mouthpiece of Department of Management Studies, IIT, Delhi.
  3. Madhuja Mukherjee and Nikhil Kansari of BIM28 won the first place at “Caviars and Daydreams”, an event conducted as a part of Paragana 2011, annual management festival hosted by NMIMS Mumbai.
  4. Elango Pugazhendhi of BIM28 is the DAILY WINNER for 3-Nov in "Bull's Eye", national online stock trading competition conducted by Finnacle, the finance club of IMT Ghaziabad, in association with Dalal Street magazine.
  5. Sreenivasan Rajendran of 27th batch and Sreejesh Neelanath of 28th batch emerged as winners in the Business Modelling competition, 'Srijan' at Avenues 2011 conducted by SJMSoM, IIT Bombay.
  6. Karen Arethina of BIM27 and Khadhir Iqbal of BIM28 win 2nd prize in case study competition conducted as part of the HR Conclave at Loyola Institute of Business Administration (LIBA), Chennai.
  7. BIM27's Anshul Mishra, Saikat Majumder and Shashank Hegde (Team SAPiens) are WINNERS of SAP Dashboard Design Challenge - India.
  8. Utsav Banerjee of 28th batch, representing BIM, emerges in top 3 out of a total of 40 finalists at Ace of Spades, Flagship event of Passion 2011, annual management fest of Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad (IMT-G).
  9. BIM, represented by Kirubakaran.K and Arun Prakash.S of 27th batch, emerges 2nd runner-up in "Mulyankan", portfolio management game conducted by N.L.Dalmia Institute of Management Studies & Research, Mumbai.
  10. Mani Shanthavel of BIM27 wins 3rd PRIZE in Best Summer Project Competition conducted by Institute of Management Consultants India (IMCI), Mumbai chapter, for his summer project venture titled "Thamizh Nesi, Nool Vaasi".
  11. Arun Prakash.S of BIM27 wins 2nd prize for his article "Making Profits Even in Turbulent Times Using Open Range Breakout Trading System", published in the 3rd edition of INVESTOCRAFT, biannual magazine of the MBA-Capital Markets department of Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS), Mumbai.
  12. Madhav Kiran Chevuru and Nitin Varma.P of BIM27 are winners in Advertisement Abstract category of Nissan One Shot, ad making competition organized by Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Bangalore (SIBM-B) for Nissan India.
  13. BIM27’s Natesh Muthalan, Shyamkrishnan. B, Priti Jharia and Sreenivasan. R of Team Gamechangers secure 2nd place in “La Rascasse”, flagship event of SAMANVAY 2011, annual management fest conducted by IIT Madras.
  14. Sekhar.S of BIM27 is runner-up in Radio Jingle competition of Mahindra Scorpio Marketing Challenge conducted by Shailesh J Mehta School of Management (SJMSOM), IIT Bombay.
  15. Anshul Mishra and Saikat Majumder of BIM27 and Namrata Singhal and Sujoy Biswas of BIM28 of Team Empathizer are runners-up in “Udbhav”, rural business plan competition conducted as part of SAMRIDDHI 2011, annual B-school meet of Goa Institute of Management (GIM).
  16. Nitin Varma of BIM27 is the winner of "Launch of OREO cookies in India", creative design contest of 'Markathon', monthly Marketing magazine of IIM Shillong.
  17. G. Anand Babu of BIM 27 won the SECOND prize in Business Quiz conducted by The Department of Management Studies of Karpagam College, Coimbatore. The event saw participation from nearly 100 teams from various B-Schools.
  18. R.S.Ramya of BIM27 is lucky winner of crossword conducted by "Niveshak", monthly magazine published by Finance Club, IIM Shillong.
  19. a) Sekhar.S and Muthuraj. R of BIM27 win first prize in city level IPL Quiz organized by Tamil daily Dinamalar in association with Arun Icecreams in Chennai city on May 8, 2011.
    b) Sekhar. S is the final winner of a grand prize, a Hero Honda Hunk bike, in the above event.

Achievements 2010-11

S.No Names Position Host Institute Competition
1 Ankit Bhargava
Liju V J
II Place TAPMI, Manipal A Strategic Business competition
2 Arun Prakash I Place NITIE, Mumbai Portfolio management simulation game
3 Kaushik Prasanna
I Place SJMSOM, Mumbai Quiz
4 Rajgopal
Sathish Pandian
III Place SJMSOM, Mumbai Quiz
5 Anand Babu
I Place NITIE, Mumbai Quiz
6 Anand Babu I Place SIBM, Pune Quiz
7 Muthuraj
Anand Babu
Naren Kartic
Priyaranjan Nayak
II Place XIM, Bhubaneshwar Strategic Business Competiton
8 Debdipto Majumdar I Place SPJIMR, Mumbai Photography
9 Uma Maheshwar III Place The Institute of Management Consultants of India – Bombay Chapter Best summer project competition
10 Vivek
Santhosh Sanjay
III Place NITIE, Mumbai Quiz
11 Saikat Majumder
Protyay Pramanick
I Place IIM – I Quiz
12 Haareesh
Naren Kartic
Philips Sandeep
I Place IIM- C Alumni Association Case Study Competition – A Billion Dollar question
13 Vishwanath
Balaji Anand
I Place IIM- C Alumni Association Case study competition – Wagon R Case
14 Nithin Varma I Place IIM – Shillong Poster competition
15 Bala Kumaran
Leander P  Ryan
Raj Agneeswaran
Rajana Pradeep naidu
I Place IIM – C B-Plan competition,
South Zone Winners. Participated in the Grand-finale held at IIM-C
16 Natesh Muthalan
Priti Jharia
II Place IPE,  Hyderabad Case study competition
17 Debdipto Majumdar I Place GLIM, Chennai Photography
18 Debdipto Majumdar IV Place NMIMS, Mumbai Article writing
19 Mubeena III Place FORE School of Management, Delhi Stock Guru Genesis
20 Muthuraj
Anand Babu
II Place IFMR, Chennai Quiz
21 Parthiban V
Kaushik Prasanna
Prabhu R
II Place IIM, Raipur Finance Guru