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Management Development Programmes

Guest Lecture Series by Mr.Ravi Shesadri of Bharati AXA

“Those were the days opportunities were limited but world is full of abundant of opportunities now” and “How you do weave yourself in a company makes you success” said Shri. T.Ravi Seshadri, Vice President and Chief compliance officer, Bharti AXA General Insurance Company, while addressing the MBA students of Bharathidasan Institute of Management on 17.12.2013. His address was part of a lecture in BIM on “Opportunities in Insurance Sector”.

He noted that disposable income of people has gone up that gives every businesses a space and scope to play its card. He shared his experience by observing recent trends that people are becoming wealthier and need for lifestyle changes and retirement benefits are increasing. He had designed and delivered exclusive training programmes for senior level executives for insurance companies in Srilanka.

Talking about insurance sector, he said that post liberalization made the Government of India to create level playing field for insurance companies, as insurance company like LIC was major player then, which brought into higher competition in the sector ever before that stressed greater customer services. From business angle he said that an insurance company takes at least 20 years to break-even. He also mentioned that only 5% of total Indian population is having health insurance as it leaves remaining lion’s share of 95% are uninsured which is a massive opportunity for insurance companies.

He attributed recent times insurance sector well doing to regulators like SEBI and IRDA and stability in the government.

He explained about various jobs that are around in the insurance sector. Those are:

1.Sales 6.Finance & Accounts 11. Customer Support 16. Legal & Secretarial
2.Underwriting 7.ReInsurance 12. Internal Audit 17.Information Technology
3.Operations 8.Risk 13. HR 18. Anti Money Laundering
4.Claim 9.Compliance 14. In house TPA 19. Investments
5.Actuaries 10.Marketing & Advertising 15. Business Intelligence 20. Administration

Special Lecture