Crescita 2016

Crescita 2016, the flagship event of Bharathidasan Institute of Management, Trichy kick-started on 8th November at Sangam Hotel, Trichy. The day witnessed two events – CXO Connect and BIM Quest.

CXO Connect was organized by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and Young Indians (YI) in association with BIM, Trichy. Mr. Srinivasan K Swamy, Chairman and MD – R K Swamy BBDO was the Chief Guest of the event. He spoke on the topic ‘Growth, Decline and Growth of Brands’. Mr. S.Sampath, Chairman – CII Trichy Zone and Mr. Prative Chend, Chairman – YI Trichy Chapter were the other dignitaries who graced the occasion with their presence. Mr Subramanian K Swamy spoke on how each product passes through various stages of life cycle and the different styles and strategies advertisers have adopted in projecting the products and brands in peoples’ minds. Informative and educational videos were shown where the transition over time was depicted. He also stressed on how companies should always march ahead of consumer expectations and how they can use data to analyze the markets and their preferences. he also added how the brands today should take advantage of mass media to gain more awareness and how paid media is currently more effective than owned media to communicate about their products to the consumers.

BIM Quest, a national level business quiz for corporates was the second event of Crescita 2016. The preliminary round of the event received an overwhelming response from quizzing enthusiasts across the country. The six teams shortlisted from the prelims will have a shot at cash prizes to the tune of Rs.75,000. The finale was hosted by one of the country’s leading quizmasters, Mr. Barry O’Brien, who has an experience of 27 years in the field of quizzing.

The quiz results are as follows

Winners – Grand Masters and the Master Blasters (Prize money Rs.50000) comprising of G Anand Babu and Sachin Ravi from Bangalore.

Runner-up – Chota BIM (Prize Money Rs.25000) comprising of Jayakanthan Ranganathan and Prashanth Sampath from Chennai.

Crescita 2016 will conclude on 10th November with Isai Kaveri, a confluence of Indian Classical music by the musical duo – Shri. Kumaresh and Smt. Jayanthi Kumaresh.

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